What. The. Hell.

Date: 3/20/2017

By Man4paradigm

OK, so in the dream I was having a break while waiting for my wife in surgery. So, I left my kiddos with family and was waiting for her. Stepping outside to hide and smoke, I got to a small park. The day was dark and dreary, and when I reached the park, it cleared. As I'm standing there, a rabbit, a duck, and a racoon and a ferret run by. Someone says, watch out that, it's acting wierd. The ferret nibbles at my shoes and takes off. Then, two wolves, a dog, a bear and a mountain loin and a hedgehog runs past and one of the wolves stops and starts at the weasel and gently picks it up. Shaking its head it's staring at me, and sets the ferret down. It lumbers off and the bear and wolves are staring at me. I walked down to the bear and it let me pet it. Then I turned to the white/brown/red wolf and it raises it nose to me and walks off. The other wolf, same markings bares it's teeth at me, but doesn't growl. I realize it's nervous and I back off. Then, I'm a preteen girl running from monsters, and I am using a blue led on my phone to light the dark path. As I'm running from the growling, I get stopped at a dark barn, and clocked in the head. The camera pulls out and I'm 2D, and in game on a cell phone. I woke up wondering why State of Decay 2 is on a cell phone.