A Nice Winter Trip

Date: 7/15/2019

By moriyahviera

We were leaving what was supposed to be my house, but it didn't look anything like my house. And The Secret Life of Pets were supposed to be our pets. We were supposed to be leaving for Biltmore. But first, we went to what kind of looked like PetsMart and my aunt got us these tumblers and mine had pictures of me on it. But then, we just didn't go to Biltmore. We went to Dollar General and I got this here princess dress. And then I went to my grandma and granddad's house and Gomer Pyle was literally reading to me what was on the dress (ps. I kind of wanted Gomer to try on the dress). and my grandma was wanting the same dress as me. But then, the dress became a Frozen book, and I was reading it until my grandma came back with the dress. And the dress didn't look the same and the dress I had was attached to the book.