Date: 6/29/2017

By wanda1316

I was abducted by canibalistic aliens who were green and looked like vegetables. I was hiding from them in the ship, and I needed to escape. They had already sucked my bone marrow and made it into little candy sticks. I could hear them talking about how good I tasted and how I tasted better than every other human. It sickened me. I also remembered I had eaten something not knowing what it was and it had my name on it; this must have been ME that I had eaten. I suddenly remembered that I was dreaming. Earlier I knew I was asleep but I must have lost lucidity. I decided to just go along and play with the dream, but it still frightened me. I crouched down behind a wall to hide from the aliens. A few walked by and I didn't know if they could see me. I tried to manipulate the dream to make it so that they just walk by and don't see me, but I was still terrified. My heart and breath were frozen. The aliens looked like asparagus and maybe celery. Their eyes were vertical instead of horizontal. In the end I was standing in front of all of them. They were trying to make me feel special so I would stay. I was very lucid in this dream, even thinking about what I would do upon awakening and how I could interpret this dream later.