Plane with aiden

Date: 4/2/2019

By alejandrariv3ra

I was on the plane to Colombia, the plane was quite empty seeing as the flight wasn’t busy so I’m quite near the front. I was on the right side in a 3 with myself in the aisle and then a gap and someone. To my left we’re 2 men in the middle 3 with dad on the far left away from me with them. They start asking me to explain IB as major turbulence kicks in and I have to sit down and I turn on Kanye West to tune out. Someone starts choke laughing behind me and I know they’re dying so I don’t turn around to look. Turbulence passes but it was the worst I’ve ever experienced. The section behind the toilets further back has no seats and is empty space with pool tables (because the flight was so empty they did this.) a group of guys, including Aiden, was back here. I go ask Oscar is he’ll go for a walk around the plane with me and he ends up going up to the guys at the pool table and I do too because don’t wanna be alone. We all play pool and Aiden is actually a really fun person. He messed about with it because they werent actually trying to play pool, just trying to get as many balls in as possible. I saw a different side to Aiden and he wasn’t shy or anything, just fun.