Disturbing Avatar dream, Hollywood abuse??

Date: 4/9/2019

By pretzeling

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against James Cameron and don’t even know much about him as a celebrity, let alone a man. James Cameron was actively shooting the new Avatar sequels and had invited his family out to see him. This included me and my mom. My “mom” was an entirely different person, a blonde woman who always carried herself with Hollywood glamour, almost Marilyn Monroe like. She was Cameron’s daughter. She was only in her early 30s (she’d given birth to me in her teens). She and Cameron were estranged, but her career as a solo actress had been failing and he’d invited her out with the promise that he’d give both her and me a big part as a Navi in the movie. Still, there was something weird about him using a part in the movie as a way of enticing us to see him. I tried to ignore that though. I was just happy that we would be getting parts in a big Hollywood film and I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like as I went to bed the night before. We arrived on set and things got awkward quick. All news outlets were reporting that Cameron was mostly done with the film and was now simply doing hasty reshoots of certain scenes, which made me wonder how big of a part he could possibly have for my mother. Worse, the “Navi reference footage” he was shooting was just a bunch of almost naked male and female models, doing weird animalistic shit while lounging around on the jungle set. The atmosphere was very Eyes Wide Shut and orgy like. So basically he was asking my mom and I to strip almost naked and join these people. They were barely even filming and didn’t seem to have a point to anything. I think my mom ended up doing it though and I was upset and trying to leave. James Cameron was creeping on my mom (again, who was also his daughter) and I learned that when she was a young teenager she made him have a “Navi wedding ceremony” with him which explained why she tried to cut ties. He now wanted to have a wedding ceremony with me.