Cute server in a Missouri

Date: 1/22/2017

By wcwcwc

I was dining in a restaurant in Missouri and met this wonderful server. shes really pretty and i think her name was ?Amaelina. i chance upon the straits time newspaper on the table and its dated 22nd jan which was a day ago. the food took pretty long (45mins). i ordered ?waffles and cream. it came with half melted ice cream, long cone of crispy/hard waffle and ??. i asked Amaelina to dine with me and she agreed. there was pomegranate in the pink ice cream. I asked Amaelina where do locals normally get their cheap and fast meal other than fast food like macdonalds. she didnt reply. suddenly i saw a rundown flat and people on the news reported that they supported the idea of rebuilding it. time froze and amaelina was unresponsive/froze. :( i woke up after that.