“Murder Basement”

Date: 9/18/2019

By HunterJumper

I was touring a house with my family, it was pretty average upstairs. It was going to be my house that I lived in for school and this was our second time seeing the house. We decided to exit through the basement since we had never seen it before. We got down there and it was huge and white and brightly lit. To the right was a sunken shower type thing that was wet and dirty looking. As we walked through I looked to the side and noticed there was a dead body on an autopsy table visible through a glass window. There were also several other body bags and various parts scattered around once we started looking. I pointed it out to my family and we were all scared and started heading towards the exit. As we were reaching the exit a voice came over an intercom and said “Let’s see if I can find you...” My mom and I then noticed a laser dot moving across the walls and realised someone was aiming to shoot at us. We quickly had to turn around and run the direction we came from, all the while trying to avoid the shots being fired. We manged to avoid several and were almost to the end when a shot caught me in the side. I fell to the ground and my mom stopped to help me, but I told her and my dad/sister to keep running and get out. She turned and ran and as she did a man walked up to me holding a gun out and fired it into my chest. The man killing people in the basement was the house owner, and he used the open houses as a way to lure people in. I thought I had died, but then he lifted my body and was carrying me away and I realized I was still barely alive. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him down to the ground attempting to strangle him. My parents got the police and the police showed up and arrested him and saved me.