Vampire Boyfriend?

Date: 7/14/2017

By dumbblonde13

The dream started off as a part of what I believe was a recurring dream, with a little kid saying that the government hides things from us, and that immortality is real. Of course, I already knew this because of the company I worked for, and I was supposed to help keep this a secret. Something happens, I can't remember what, and I'm suddenly a vampire, but not like a classic one. All I know is I'm super strong. I have an amazing, super caring boyfriend who is also a vampire. He does whatever he can to protect me. I don't know what I'm doing, but I was walking down a sort of country, canyon road, and start getting shot at, so I use my super speed and strength to run away. I eventually end up at a lamp post, where I stop for a while. A car drives by and takes a few pictures of me. Then three guys walk up to the lamp post and show their fangs, ready to attack, but I manage to take out two of them. The third comes to attack, but my boyfriend shows up and kills him. But it's then that we both realize we aren't ordinary vampires, but also have something else in us, the same as the three guys who attack us. We must keep it a secret to ensure our safety. We go back to the vampire council for a presentation, and we choose to present on this new species, but giving very minimal information. The council leaders want to know how I got the research information, but we leave as soon as possible. My boyfriend makes some sort of safe teleport between our two homes so that I no longer need to go out in public to reach him, in order to keep me safe. Together, we go outside, and are ambushed by the new species. They refuse to accept me as one of their own, and demand I banish myself. I refuse, wanting to learn more, and I get attacked. There is nothing my boyfriend can do to protect me. He is left to watch me fend for myself against a hoard of evil creatures. I get so brutally injured, I have to be taken down the mountain to a hospital. The leader of the new creatures accompanies my boyfriend to the hospital, although my boyfriend chooses to keep his distance, not at all trusting this man. At the hospital, I'm a sort of lurking spirit, having an out of body experience. I am barely breathing, and my heart is beating extremely slow. My boyfriend is extremely worried and upset. Everything goes dark, and I wake up alive. I can't find my boyfriend, it is like he has completely disappeared from my life. At this point, the setting of the dream makes no sense, and I'm left by myself trying to recover all of my friends. I find like 4 or 5 of them, and am determined to go find the love of my life wherever he is, but I wake up before I can begin my search.