Losing my Brother

Date: 4/2/2017

By Oyasumi

May be a bit short. - - - - Me, my mother, and my brother were living in this house on a mountain which was located on a floating island that connected all the different areas. It was a beautiful place during the day. Soft grass, smooth roads, cherry-blossom trees and normal trees. It looked sort of like what spring is supposed to be. So one day, me and my brother were walking around the area, looking over the side of one of the roads and seeing endless sky underneath, we meet this girl. And I distinctly remember that she was Native American and wore a heavy red jacket for some reason. (Her father may have been with her as well, I can't recall) I never like any girl that befriends my brother but I couldn't do anything as I see them start to get along. Later on, me and my mother had visited a beautiful lake when the sun began to set, my brother was meant to be home. It starts to get dark to we start heading back. My mother lets me ride on her back and moves surprisingly easily considering I am taller and heavier than her in real life. As it gets darker and the moon begins to rise, the land looses most of it's color and is painted over with a dark blue hue. A white mist covers the ground from the clouds. As we're walking back, there is a sturdy concrete bridge that we have to cross. My mother hops onto the sides and walks across because it's wide enough. As she's crossing, I look down from her shoulders and notice my brother following the girl from earlier. But I don't mention it. For some odd reason, though I should have, I didn't mention it. Maybe I was in some weird sense of denial? If felt odd even to dream me why I had decided to ignore it. The girl looked like a ghost in the mist as she lead my brother. However, once we got back home and noticed that my brother was gone, I became frantic and told my mother I had seen him following the girl. We rush back out of the house and return to the bridge, go past it, and follow a path that lead us to a train station that was overgrown but bustling with people. Through them, I see my brother. I angrily yell out his name, getting his attention, and slipping past all the people. I run up to him and pull him into a hug, the girl nowhere to be found. I was so angry with him, I told him, "Don't do that again!" Then I started crying and yelled the same thing again, still hugging him. He was oblivious when we asked him what he was doing out here. A man nearby said my brother had been following a trail of stuffed animals. We thought the girl could have been leading him away from us but it was debunked when the man pointed out there was a trail of stuffed animals heading back. We came to the conclusion that there was something there the ghost girl wanted to show him, but we had no idea what. I woke up before I could investigate further. - - - - The path of stuffed animals seemed déjà-vu-esque. Like I had seen it before, maybe in a different dream from long ago? I can't place it but I was certain I had seen it before.