Space station and spooky city

Date: 7/1/2017

By Spooped_gurl

Was in a space station and it was being overrun by monsters. I had a small caliber pistol trying to fend off waves of spider like things. Everything was in disarray and it was really dark. There were some places that caught on fire. Then I was in a large room talking to some people and Jim Raynor from Starcraft showed up. He was extremely massive compared to us, like 5 or 6 times larger than a normal human. Then I was in a tall apartment skyscraper. It was stormy outside and was getting dark. I was wearing a tight black leather outfit and combat boots. I had cybernetic arms, legs, and eyes. I also had my bat wings covered in soft black fur. My eyes were kinda glowing and golden colored. They seemed to shift to more fiery at will like red with shifting oranges. I was looking through a glass wall at Sherlock flipping out about something. I remember having to prove to him that I had supernatural powers so I walked through the glass wall. Then the man that keeps chasing me in other dreams show up and he was saying something that I have to hurry up and get Sherlock out of there. He also had black cybernetic limbs and golden fiery eyes. He had a super sexy deep voice that was hypnotic. When he spoke I suddenly felt very calm and almost lost my free will to act.