Date: 8/6/2019

By aubs814

I was this scrawny little college boy who literally couldn't do anything right. I would come 20 min late to school and the teacher would tell me 20 minutes means an absence so they can't mark that I was ever at school, but I stayed the whole day anyway. Then I had to take a test to apply for this really good-paying computer job, and in the test, they tell you to taste these 2 desserts to see what ingredients are in them to recreate them in a timed environment, like in a cooking show. However, I thought it was a test to see who could eat the most of the desserts, so that's what I did, and I failed so horribly bad that they kicked me out. I also ended up performing in this show as a singer with a partner and we were so bad that everyone booed us off the stage, and the directors realized that we never even tried out to be in the show, and that we werent supposed to be there, so they kicked us out. I went back to the workplace to inquire about something I had in my folder that was something that the workers there were supposed to have but I didn't. I started crying because all the people I applied for the really good job with was working there and very successful now, and I was still a nothing. Then I appeared in a grocery store and my high school tennis team was there along with some other friends. I started dancing with some of my teammates that I never really was close friends with in the middle of the store until our coach told us to stop. We then sat around in a circle and this girl I thought was really attractive sat on my lap so I started rocking her until she got up lol then Zendaya walked in and waved to us.