My 10 yr Dead Cat was still alive

Date: 8/20/2017

By toxxicduck

I dreamt that I found out my dead black cat, Chief, was still alive and that my parents just had gotten rid of him secretly and told us he was dead (even though I was the one who found him dead). Irl, he died from the cold like 10 years ago a week before Christmas 😭. I don’t know how I found out, but I was talking to Mom. I was so upset and angry about it. I screamed and yelled at her and I demanded to know who they gave him to and where they lived so I could go and get him back, but Mom told me that all they did was put him in a box and then heaved him on the side of the highway and left him. I was so upset in the dream that I couldn’t stop crying. I was crying and crying as I angrily left and went on a search for Chief on my own. I just kept walking along the highway searching for him, crying the whole time and SO PISSED at my parents for doing that. The highway was just a normal two laned street, and it was curvy and hilly like the freeway in Portland but beyond the sides of the street it was just white emptiness, like the highway was just going along an infinite empty white space. It also didn’t feel like I was walking or anything, more like I was watching the road move underneath me and the other cars on the road passing by me. Oh, I was also walking down the middle of the street rather than the edges. I never found Chief, but as I was demanding where he was from Mom I got a vision of him just being a normal cat living with another family somewhere on the other side of Caldwell from where we lived, sitting on the floor while the other family sat on a couch nearby, in a house that looked very similar to the Circle Drive house, and when Mom was telling me about how they just threw him out on the highway, I got the vivid image of them riding in a green mini-van, then Mom using the brown cardboard box to heave little black Chief out the sliding side door and closing the door again, without the minivan slowing down. The green mini-van looked exactly like the one Shannon used to drive around in Caldwell. It was like I was just watching things and my conversation with Mom was voiced over it, but I do remember seeing a glimpse of Mom sitting next to me; I just don’t know where we were or what we were sitting on. When I woke up I was still pretty upset about it and missing my dead kitty...he was my bff back then. 😭