Choker and underground

Date: 8/3/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We had entered a shop situated in a place similar to other places I've been in my dream and I was with Edoardo and some other people, I think my mother... The owner of the place, a woman with black hair and a choker with a pacifier got angry with Edoardo for some reason but later on she calmed down and offered me to have her choker for free. I checked a drawer (third drawer down) that looked like those I have in my room to have a look at some other and asked her if I could pick those and she sayed yes. Then the dream started fucking up because the setting changed every two second, goth and pink lolitas arrived randomly, dogs dressed in pink arrived randomly. I was using a laptop sitting onto a rock to buy a chocker that I had in my hand. A laptop that wasn't even working that well. In the end I chose an ugly looking one. Then I dreamt of being with people I know but I can't recall that are older than me and that called their mother to tell her they were in Florence but we were in Rome then I talked with this woman and said something rude and stupid and this scene turned into a subway that had different entrances for tall people and for other two kinds of people that I can't recall and I couldn't fit in any of 'em.