Water Landing

Date: 8/1/2017

By biscuit

I was in St George, and I had been living there for a while. I was with a couple of friends, as the fifth wheel to their double date. We went to the beach, which was really steep so the waves came in very violently. One of my friends fell in the water, and we had to get him out. After everyone else left, I saw a small spaceship fall into the water. A little alien came out, and was struggling in the water. I ran and grabbed them, and they were having difficulty breathing. I asked what they breathed, and they shakily said oxygen, so I held them up to a plant until they stopped shaking. I never learned the alien's name, but I did show them all around the place. For some reason, I could jump like I was on the moon, but I made sure I didn't jump too high and hurt my ankles. I also made sure not to get too far into the desert, because it was full of spiky plants. Eventually I got the alien settled down in an extra bed I inexplicably had, and then water started coming in the window, so I frantically bailed it out, and after that I don't remember much.