Date: 3/22/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was at a bridge with my family but then a hurricane was starting to come. The spectrum said it was a level 24 (idk man) and we were all really scared. The winds were getting stronger and other people on the bridge started flying away. I was sitting on the bridge with shorts so apparently my skin kept me from flying. My brother (Julian) barely managed to hold on. I went back into the car and saw my dog in the backseat, I was scared for him. I appeared back in Florida. I was in a movie theatre with Desiree, the theatre room was a circular shape. My phone was made of chicken (the rotisserie chicken from subway) so I needed to charge it so it can come back to normal. I borrowed a charger from someone who worked there. Me and Desiree sat next to these two guys in the theatre and one of them was totally into me. At first I wasn't sure how to feel. I was also nervous because the hurricane was supposed to reach Florida as well. We left the theatre and went to a building to lay down and talk. We were still with the two guys and me and the cute one were flirting. I checked my phone for the weather update and it said the hurricane was dying down to a level 14. I was happy and not much else happened.