I blew up a school as killed a child

Date: 8/13/2017

By maddieb

so in real life there is a private school kinda behind my house and in this dream it is now up the road from me and I can see it from my house. so we knew there was something wrong with our gas. we knew the smell of gas was very prominent near the gas meter. for some reason never got around to fixing it but we did discuss that with the rest of the family. one day I went randomly out side. I could smell this smell it (it smelt like the air conditioner that I blew up once) the first thing I saw was flashing lights of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. I couldn't see what they were looking at because there was a thick cloud of smoke around what ever they where looking at. I ran inside to get mum and by the time we had came back the smoke had lifted slightly and we could now see what happened. one of the classrooms was exploded. the insides of the wall where hanging and the insides where burnt. the next thing we saw was a student, a parent and a teaher burnt alive. then we realized that it was our gas that much have done it. that's all I remember.