Fancy Hair and Skateboards

Date: 7/18/2017

By toxxicduck

Firstly, I was at Corey's house, laying on a couch in his living room with my feet dangling over one of the arms. Corey was on another couch adjacent, playing videogames or something. His roommate Tyler showed up and sat next to me, right by my head. I was practically in his lap, and he took my hand and started stroking it, romantically. I was concerned about Corey noticing, but didn't do anything to stop or hide it. I don't even have feelings for Tyler irl. I didn't in the dream either, but it felt comforting. Then Dad was dropping me off at a store. It looked like a grocery store, but I was there for a hair dying appointment (which I have never done before in my life). When I walked in through the entrance, it had a long hallway like Toys 'R' Us, and it was unlit and dark. It was full of orcs from EverQuest II. I also had a mini-map. I went through killing the orcs with magic, and kept finding items called "cereal as cheese" on them as loot. I figured the orcs were obsessed with cheese and were here to take it, but all they could manage was cereal? I did fall asleep texting someone about good dairy cheese replacements, but cereal was definitely not one of those. At the end of the hall was a Dark Elf wizard with a staff. He was leading the orcs. When I killed the Dark Elf I went back outside to wait to get picked up by Dad (I guess defeating orcs was my hair dying appointment). I had my skateboard with me and sat on it on the sidewalk as I waited. It was really sunny now (before it was grayish, like cloudy morning). I was wearing a beanie and my Letterman jacket, and actually liked how cool I looked that day. Other people were showing up on the curb too, just to wait around. They were all young women my age and little kids. They were all wearing jackets and scarfs despite the sunniness. Most of them were stylish and blonde with expensive looking clothes on, and ALL of them had curly long hairsprayed hair. Across the parking lot, I noticed TJ and Kevin and other guys I don't remember with skateboards. They were talking and laughing and taking turns trying to grind on one of those shopping cart drop off things. I feel like me being with these other women (I am a woman too) with a skateboard and seeing the guys across the way was significant. Seeing them skateboarding made me want to join them, but I couldn't leave where I was at, so I just played with the board on the sidewalk. I was manualling around a large cement area that was still full of people and little kids running around. There was a chubby little blonde boy who fell over, and I heard a woman call him by the name of Palmer. I then saw the kid as my brother Palmer, instead of thinking it was someone with the same name, despite looking nothing like him and being a total different age. Then a girl approached me. She looked at me like she knew me and was comfortable with me. She stopped and stood next to me and started talking. I suddenly realized it was a girl I knew back in Idaho named Asherlyn, and I felt guilty for not remembering her for a moment. She was wearing a poofy white coat. I asked her how things were and she started venting about her life and problems and stuff, which felt a lot like I was talking to someone on Stigma. I don't remember anything she said though. Suddenly, it was the next day and it looked like the afternoon. I was on the phone with Dad and he said he was getting me to take me to my next hair appointment, that I had to do one everyday for awhile, for some reason (I don't even care about hair that much). I was frustrated with him. I had a giant box full of wrapped presents with me. I knew they were for Christmas and later we would be gathering with the whole family. When I was off the phone with Dad, I looked through the presents, and saw that some of them had the names of people I don't even talk to anymore. I read Dayne's name and the name Brandon, but the only Brandon I know wasn't someone I was even friends with. I figured I didn't need to give these presents to them, because I don't see them anymore, so started trying to remember what they were to give them to my family members. I discovered that I left the ends untapped so I could peek inside, just for something like this. The one for Dayne was a little kids board game about dogs. It had a little device that threw tiny balls and the dogs had to fetch. I decided to just write the word EVERYONE over Dayne's name, since no one would be interested in it. I woke up before looking at the other present.