An unfamiliar hometown

Date: 3/4/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was walking through different neighborhoods in my hometown. Although they were not near in proximity, it took no time to get from one to the next. I don't recall the order in which I visited, so I'll name them as they come to mind. I was walking along a large park, which I'm guessing was Pelham Bay Park. I wanted to walk toward a more serene area, like the woods, because I love the solitude of being in nature. I was passing by a party of some sort, filled mostly with men. Each time I was making my way toward the more desolate area, I kept getting an uneasy feeling that I was being watched and would have been followed. I didn't feel safe. After about 2-3 attempts, I didn't try any more and decided to keep walking toward the main road once more. The next scene (different neighborhood, another part I didn't recognize), I was on the phone with someone. We were talking about vegetables and where to get the freshest variety (maybe this was spillover from a conversation I shared with friends last night that occurred the previous Sunday). It felt like I was talking to Bridget's father-in-law. I haven't been friends with that family for many years. As we chatted, I was walking down some steps in a nice neighborhood. It felt like someone's home, but it also felt like it was public space. Maybe it was a restaurant's property. There were flower pots on the corners of every other step—like something you'd see in Europe. I was still on the phone and went to visit Lisa B. Her husband Brian answered the door, and I asked caller to hold on. but it wasn't Brian. It looked like their son, David: taller than Brian, and looked completely different. His face wasn't recognizable as either man in the family. This "Brian" was tall and muscular. We knew one another right away. The home was also a different environment. It was a private house. Brian and I only had a brief second of eye contact. He let me into the hallway, then stuck his face back in the closet, as if he was looking for something. He was telling me Lisa and David weren't home. "Oh, okay," I said. His nonverbal actions were telling me he didn't feel like entertaining me if I wanted to wait and seemed pre-occupied as if he was in a hurry to get going himself. ----- Waking notes: this was the second time I had a dream about walking through my hometown with differing scenes and having a sense of familiarity with the various areas, though they were nothing like the real life areas now.