virtual reality game

Date: 6/24/2017

By lochnessie93

i had a dream that i was in a virtual reality game. the game was pixelated, resembling minecraft. in the first part i went to say hello to my new neighbor. she seemed really weird and invited me into her house. i tried to say no but she kinda forced me into it. there were weird signs that said stuff like, " dont open this door after 8pm" and stuff like that. then she informed me a monster lived there with her and her children. it became dark and i was running away from this monster thing in a circle in her house. i woke up kinda disorientated. but fell back asleep. i was back in the "game" i kept trying to get to the exit screen but it wouldnt let me leave. then i finally got put into a different world with some guy with black hair and glasses. he was trying to get me to sign a contract saying i would stay in the game forever and i kept refusing. this continued and i woke up and fell back asleep multiple times