Minecraft:The Movie

Date: 8/11/2017

By drunchee

So this is a complicated dream. For understanding it fully, pretend that minecraft and the real world are two different dimensions that keep interchanging. Because it randomly goes from real world to the game a ton. Starts out with me walking around my house to the back "yard" and finding Chase Harrison there on my picnic table. He hands me a 12 sided die, and I thank him, because the thing is magical and grants 12 wishes. I'm now in minecraft, so I go to me, Marcos, and Garrett's minecraft home, which is a huge, complex wooden structure. I go to the Community chest and ask Marcos if I can have two diamonds to make a sword or a pick, but he says no because he recently lost his diamond pick axe. I leave the house and it's night time. A strange white creeper with an upside down face approaches me and blows up, and the explosion is completely massive. Inside the crator is tons of strange ore, including a GIANT pocket of iron, tung, wakadowia, BicBionium; basically modded ores and real ores. I do not use the die in minecraft world, I just have it on me. I'm now back in real life, albeit Speigel Grove. The 12 sided die temporarily became a chunk of stone with 12 little nuggets of coal in it from me being in minecraft, but then Turns back into normal. I'm with an older teen girl now, let's call her Summer, because she acts like a nicer, more timid Summer from Rick and Morty. I find out that Summer used the die without me knowing, so somehow we've collectively used 9 wishes already. The die has scratched out numbers for every wish we've used. So 1-9 are scratched out. It then becomes a chunk of stone again and I can't see ANY coal nuggets in it, because all the ones that were on the outside were used up, so I get pissed at Summer, telling her she ruined our plan, whatever it was, with her dumb wish. Because now we can't wish, cuz we can't get to the coal. She's crying and says sorry but I storm away mad. I'm now back at my house, and go to the back "yard" where Chase was originally. Before I get there, though, I find a tiny emerald from minecraft in a hole in the lower part of my house. I pull it out and my entire house creaks. I guess the emerald was a support block. But then, being so close to the ground, I get an idea. I grab a rock and chuck it at the stone chunk with coal in it, and it breaks open revealing the coal! So now I can make 3 more wishes after all. Cast: Drew Frederick Marcos Sanchez Garrett Ebert Nexus Creeper Summer Frederick Chase Harrison