Digital art, Witness the aftermath of a 'mini nuclear hurricane' that left a path of destruction and injured people in its wake.

Mini Nuclear Hurricane

Date: 9/26/2019

By MsBananaNanner

There was a hurricane, except it was only like the width of a room or maybe a small house at most, so the path of destruction was only like a foot wide. BUT it was radioactive. So we still couldn’t get close to it. It was me and my dad and we were up on this mountain with a bunch of other people, and we could look over the whole city down in the valley. I’d spotted the funnel cloud forming so we all just kind of stared at it in horror as we hurried up the mountain as best we could. We didn’t really know which way to run though because we didn’t know where it would go and it moved really fast. It kept coming our way though, so we just climbed. It came right at the mountain and we all just kind of jumped out of the way but it was super close, like a couple hundred yards maybe. Not everyone escaped it, but me and my dad did. We looked at the trail it left a little bit, but then hurried down the mountain to see if anyone needed help. For whatever reason a ton of the town was hit hard, though I don’t think it was all from the hurricane cause it was small. We found this makeshift clinic place where they were furiously trying to help injured people and anyone still alive just kind of lived there because they’d assign you a job. I was so upset that I was going to be separated from my dad because he was supposed to go with the adults and I was supposed to go with the kids, but then the lady informed me I could go with the adults since my birthday was the next week and I was going to be 14, which was where they started putting you with the adults. It was all very post apocalyptic like, but like, it was a desert type place—definitely the west coast not the east

AI generated interpretation coast. This dream could suggest that you are feeling a sense of impending danger or a looming crisis in your life, represented by the mini nuclear hurricane. The fact that you and your father are together in this dream could symbolize a strong bond and connection between you, and that you rely on each other during times of stress. The post-apocalyptic landscape could represent a feeling of chaos and uncertainty in your life, and the need to find stability and support during this time. The fact that you were allowed to join the adults, despite being just shy of 14 years old, could symbolize a sense of maturity and responsibility that you are feeling, as well as the need to take charge and be independent in times of difficulty.