Scenic look out

Date: 8/26/2019

By sharkey161

I was with my mom a friend named celeste and sheri who was a roommate of mine for a few weeks. Basically the bus pulls over and a tour guide is taking us around and showed us these 30 year old trees which werent impresivd some of the mexicans i went to school with were taking photos and i asked my mom to take a picture of me and she was very rude and sarcastic then we went to this beautiful out look where i asked sherri to take a photo of my mom and i and she then gave us her camera to take a photo of her then celeste starts coughing up blood majorly then i fall on the ground and i cant get up there is also a crack and my phone was in my pocket and right where my phone was was where the crack was and i was woried it would fall i asked my mom to help me up but she refused and started yelling at me to get up but there was no railing and i was super scared to try and get up my mom starts coughing up blood too and i tell her to stop still unable to get off the ground