Bullies and Jealousy

Date: 4/8/2017

By seascarlet

These dreams were very disjointed and hard to remember the details of. I remember there being a lot of people around me in all of them, some I recognized from reality and some I didn't. I remember there being a group of really conservative tea party types, and when my group of environmentalists realized we couldn't reason with them, we just started singing, full chorus style, songs from the Hair musical just to make them more angry in their perception of us as hippies. Then there was a guy who used to try to bully me in high school, not realising I was borderline full of myself back then. He said something mean to me and I laughed and sent my dog over to bite him. Then I denied later that it was my dog that did it. Then Jeff was wanting to go to a movie with some female friend I felt uneasy about, and I got upset and told him I'd rather invite her over for a freaking threesome than let him do something like that, because at least then I'd feel more in control and included and not like he was off on some date with another girl. Then I more seriously suggested he invite her over for a threesome.