Mermaid acting and elevator scare

Date: 3/11/2019

By Alicem

This dream really made no sense and didn’t tie together very well but the beginning of it I was trying to get to the 5th floor of this building (I cannot remember why) but it was really important. I tried in one elevator with s random person and the elevator broke from the top floor and I remember it dropping I could feel it in my stomach. We were both screaming thinking we were going to die.. thankfully when it stopped we were unharmed just very nervous and afraid. But I still needed to get to the 5th floor and stairs were not s thing in this building. So me and this same random guy went into the other elevator and were fallowed by this creepy older man into the elevator. As it was going up he stopped it and gave us this scary look. I felt it in my soul that he was going to hurt me. So I started screaming. Screaming in hopes that someone would hear me and come save me. By that point I was alone in the elevator with the creepy man. I was crying and terrified. My dream skipped and I was running as fast as I could away from it. Then I saw people I knew in my dream and they told me I was now apart of this mermaid show at the hotel. I had to get ready and be ready to perform on stage in 30 minutes. I was excited and scared and confused because I didn’t know my routine or anything. As we started the performance the creepy man appeared again. I made s scene and people attacked him and he turned into a snack and disappeared into the water. I was so relieved. After the show was over we were all on the roof of the building talking and laughing. Then this black figure mixed with the creepy man came and started murdering everyone. It was so bloody and as he was coming for me my dream switched and it was over..