Good God What Have I Done??

Date: 8/11/2017

By ImprovdHat

So it started out with me and a bunch of friends (and my cousin Jacob was there I think) just hanging out on this playground. It turns out there was an invisible house structure on top of it and if you got to the top you were teleported to this kickass treehouse/magic land/playground in the clouds. It was like the "City Museum" in St. Louis (literally Google it). My really good guy friend was there and he was having trouble keeping up with the rest of us so I was trying to help him out. Eventually we got separated from the others and ended up in a magical swamp. The magic was it made you horny asf. I kept trying to get away from my friend, Tadj, so I could"rub one out." Unfortunately, he caught me but then *ahem* joined in. One thing led to another and suddenly we're back on earth making out in a bathroom stall. He wanted to have sex and I knew it. I also knew I would hate myself forever so I pushed him off me and left. Later I overhead him talking to some of his friends about how he was going to "finish the job." I wasn't scared for myself bc I knew he wouldn't hurt me, but everything was all wrong and I knew it. We swore we would only be friends, plus after the magic wore off, I was regretting everything. I was overhearing this around the corner of the building where we almost did it, but a loud honk and my other close guy friend (who actually likes me) was there in his car to pick me up. I REALLY wanted to tell someone about what happened but I wasn't about to tell him. Considering how he felt about me, it didn't seem appropriate.