six people had the same dream as me

Date: 2/26/2017

By DunWitU

Before you think I'm lying about this, I'm not, I asked them little details about it and they were the same, they have gotten all of the details correct, now I will tell you the dream. please note, none of these people have been to my house The dream started off of me walking to school (the others dreamt of how they got to school) we were at lunch when someone can in with a gun (the person looked familiar idk) we ran out the door that was open we then ran to my house (they have never seen my house but described it perfectly) then my mum came home and we were crying and she yelled at us for not being at school so we told her about everything and she let us in, we called 911 and reported the shooter, we saw the shooter in my neighbor hood walking towards us, going in the driveway And then I woke up