Lucid dream? Someone help me!

Date: 3/1/2017

By mysticmusic94

Im honestly not sure if I was lucid dreaming but I woke up this morning and fell back asleep. I believe i was dreaming of lucid dreaming but I'm not sure. Can someone help me? The dream went like this: I was in this market like Walmart and I looked around and thought "wow this place doesn't look familiar i must be lucid dreaming" then i started to feel excitement and it felt like i was going to wake up so then i thought "calm down" and I immediately went calm. Then i started thinking "ooo what should i do first?" I then thought "Oh ill make Kurt Cobain appear" so i turned around but he wasnt there then i decided to start flying. I spread my arms and jumped in the air like twice and i kept falling to the ground so i gave up. Then i decided ooo Im going to try sex. I started looking around for someone in my dream in the store to do it with and everyone i saw i didn't like. I also recall feeling like i was floating. Then my dad woke me up... It felt like a normal dream and it didn't feel all that real so was it a lucid dream or not? I also didn't feel conscious of the fact that i was dreaming even know in the dream i was thinking it... So what do u think? Comment below!