Baby bat-birds

Date: 8/8/2017

By MsBananaNanner

There was a bat nest on my grandparents' back deck. Except that it was basically just a bird nest, and the bat would hang upside down above it inside the birdhouse/box. Whoever I was with told me I need to put something in front of one of the holes that a squirrel had chewed out of the side of one of the boxes. I didn't know what was in there, at first, and when I realized it was a baby bat I was freaking out. Still, I was determined to finish my task. Every time I'd almost get the hole covered, the bat would move and I'd spaz out. There was a second birdhouse/box and this one was crammed full of baby bats all huddled together like hamsters. The one bat from the other box wakes up and is flying around my head and this new box. It acts about like a bird, but it can't seem to control its movement very well and just keeps bumping it's head into the box full of baby bats. I'm starting to panic because it's going to wake them all up. The person I'm with tells me to stop being such a wuss, and then all the bats wake up and swarm me as I scream and try to get them off.