First Dream I Wrote On This App

Date: 3/25/2019

By kddstrawberrymilk

I had a dream I was in my old beloved school, just having a fun visit. My school changed a lot. There are new students, new uniforms, and the school's structure kinda changed as well. I was spending fun time (like talking stories, playing, etc.) with the students there. Then, I noticed that the weather is going on unusual. And, it went really windy. Everyone is getting alarmed and it's like a horrible event is coming close. So, we all went (including our teachers, well everyone) under the sheds, trying to protect ourselves from harm. For no reason, I tried going out and thinking maybe nothing's gonna happen. But when I get out, a drop of liquid fell onto my knee. It gave that "sting" effect and I could really feel like if it was real life. Then a person/or buncha people told me that there is actually an acid rainstorm occuring. Well, that's strange. Yesterday midnight, it was windy in my country (Kuwait). So i think it also came in my dream. Ehh, Idk. Moving on, I suddenly stood on an area which seems like a normal supermarket. My classmates (present) were there too, even my family and my friends too. While my parents and some of my friends were shopping, I was standing waiting for them. As I'm waiting I had some silly moments with my friend, especially with my only male, "memey," and deep-voiced classmate, Mark. I don't know why, but I was hugging and doing sweet "gestures/movements (idk what you call those)" on him like, what? His two sisters are watching us like we are little puppies playing with each other. Hehehe that was great! Then, again I went to another place again. It was a place where spaces are wide and the objects lying are huge. Feels like I'm a tiny insect wandering a house where humans live. It gave me those creepy vibes and it is a place where Gacha Life spooky glitches happen. That's weird lol. I was playing in my phone Gacha Life and there is this creepypasta glitch (or not) popping up on the game and it doesn't stop even if I reboot my phone. I was spooked out and I think my phone is broken. { to be continued cuz im lazy and its 12:21 am rn }