this dream is so weird i don't have a name for it

Date: 6/24/2017

By claire_davis

I'm waiting in a huge line in the main hallway at Fremont, my elementary school I used to go to. There's a lot of scaffolding on and around it. The hallway is high in the mountain tops and it is overcast and snowy but it doesn't feel cold. I'm joking around with the people around me. Mrs. Osment, my sixth grade teacher, is talking about clothes and the dress code and I think I criticize her for it. I finally get to the point on the line where I have to climb through a tube or something? The tube is hard to navigate and only a few people make it through include me. I don't remember after that. It then transitions to my friend, Mira, and me walking up a hiking trail. It looks like some sort of ancient trade route because there are people and horses/mules carrying things. The hiking trail looks like it's carved out. It looks like a skateboard half pipe made from rocks and dirt. It's not snowy or overcast anymore. It's actually really hot. There is an old computer at the bottom of a wide, short staircase. It turns out Mira and I are the finalists of some race and in order to win we have to play this video game. We log in and the video game looks really old school. Basically, the goal of the game is to get to the bottom of some tower but there is little light in the tower and it is so cold that there are icicles forming and frozen puddles. Mira gets scared so i basically lead her through the entire tower. We get to the bottom of the tower and I end up winning because I helped Mira. It then transitions to me walking up the staircase into a square building with tinted windows. A man with dark skin and a long dark ponytail tells me that I won the race. He is sitting behind a large desk made out of wood and glass. It has many thin, pullout drawers under its surface. The desk takes up about 1/4 of the room. He tells me that being the winner is a big deal. Apparently that is why I was in the line with everyone; we were all participating in a race, but we weren't aware of it at the time. There is no prize for winning, so I get pissed off at the guy. He then tells me that I am allowed to look through his many drawers to pick out a prize because he feels bad. My soccer coach and his daughter/my friend Nataly suddenly appear to help me pick out a prize. I'm looking through one of the drawers and I find the Made In The A.M. album cd by One Direction. Obviously, I want that ;-). I open up the case to make sure the cd is in good condition, but it starts playing what sounds like The Beach Boys or The Beatles. It's works like one of the cards you get at Hallmark or something and it starts making noises when you open it, and stops when you close it. I tell Nataly that I'm pissed that it's not the original cd and she helps me look through the drawers more. Coach Jose is standing behind us talking to the dude with long hair. I find a UCLA football helmet and I show coach because I know he likes UCLA. He doesn't care about it at all and we're arguing about why he doesn't care until I wake up. The End.