lucid dream. red barn & green grass

Date: 3/10/2019

By sarahhowwell

so i decided to take a nap w my mom in her room. i layed with one hand next. to me and one on my chest/stomach. i layed and after about 10 minutes i had the overwhelming sensation of flipping and spinning. i felt like i was in space. my head felt like it was spinning and my body was detaching. i felt extremely itchy and heavy. i knew that was my brain testing if i was awake so i made sure not to touch or itch. my hand on my chest starting hurting. it was weird cuz my legs felt like nothing at it was only my my arms and legs that felt weird. i started seeing flashes across my eyes of lavender and blue colors. mainly lavender. i got little flicks of pictures and motions. it was like a film movie on a projector cuz i only got glimpses. i saw a field of grass and a red barn. i kept seeing the red barn and i kept seeing the grass. and then i would see the lavender. the best i could explain it would be when u take a picture and the sun has a glare. so it would be like a glare of only lavender and it was extremely bright. during this whole time i felt detached from my legs and became very aware of my arms because they hurt. i got the sensation of riding a bike bc i saw a sidewalk and a bike and i must have been riding past the barn and green field. my mind must have zoned out because i remember standing in the kitchen with my sister and she told me i couldn’t help plan our spain trip during christmas. then i felt like i was pulled back in my body and i felt like i was being choked and my throat was dry so i swallowed and woke up bc i started coughing.