Forget Me Not

Date: 2/20/2017

By jolenemarie143

I was in a square room with one door and an open window to the sea. But there was no furniture just a bamboo mat covering a green floor. I was in a dystopian future of some kind where I had committed a crime. My parents were there watching over me, but they weren't my actual parents just someone who I recognised as them. They were caring and they were crying because I'd been sentenced to take a pill called a Forget Me Not. It induces amnesia and after I took it I would forget everything about my life and have to start over again. I could mend the same relationships I had but it wouldn't be the same ever again. I might become a different person after, my life would drastically change. I only made one call to my boyfriend, he was watching a movie in a theatre called "the Witchining." I don't know why that was relevant but it stuck in my head. He seemed to be in present day but I was definitely in a different society. I was crying and in my sleep I felt the pain you get in your throats from holding back tears. I told him to never stop searching for me and to call me even though I wouldn't know who he was. I told him that I'd always love him even as a different person. Another part of my sentence was to not only forget everything but to be sent to a random place where I, and anyone who cared about me, wouldn't know about. I woke up just before I was meant to take the pill and the same pain in my throat was present. I almost started crying when I woke up, I don't know why but this was one of the strongest dreams I've ever had.