humanized warrior cats in hell, things get meta, and then minecraft??

Date: 5/18/2017

By Cela08

i'm not quite sure where the first dream started, but i know there were humanized (to an extent - they still had cat ears and tails) Warrior Cats characters, specifically Firestar (as Firepaw), Ravenpaw, and Graystripe (as Graypaw). Firepaw and Ravenpaw were at some derelict church done in an ominous black and red color scheme with fountains of red water (blood? it was never explained) adorning the sides. really, it was more of a mausoleum than a church, but my mind told me it was a church so that's what i went with. they were here because apparently Graypaw had gone missing, and he was last seen here. after some poking around, they managed to find an ominous red portal of some sort in the foundation, and without thinking they crawled through. they found themselves in hell, or at least a really strange interpretation of it. instead of a place of torture for the damned, it actually was just... kind of a place where demons lived like completely regular people??? it was actually a bit like the interpretation of hell from the "Floraverse" comics verse - or at least that's what my dream-consciousness told me it was like, up to the point that the world above started being called topside and hell started being called hellside, but most of the "demons" just looked like regular or mostly-regular humans and really it was just like a regular town but it just happened to be in hell. there was a strange scene where a baby who was basically just Hugo from OFF (except not referred to as such) was being frightened by an "angel" (also from Floraverse, practically pulled directly from the source material), an abstract black-and-white monster, but i guess the baby was fine and the angel left? there's a little bit of a gap in my memories of the dream here, but i do remember that Graypaw was wandering about a brightly colored meadow of flowers. he had no idea where he was, or how to leave. Ravenpaw somehow found himself in the hallway with the baby, and the baby told him that since they were both lost, maybe they could travel together to get out of there. so ravenpaw picked up the baby and headed to the end of the hallway, where a featureless door sat. he opened it and went through to find himself in the meadow. Graypaw wasn't around, however. Ravenpaw and the baby stood for a while, taking in the beauty of the meadow. the tiny flowers swayed in the wind in pretty much every color, and the sky was a pleasant blue. then, Ravenpaw got an idea to try making stuff out of the flowers, and somehow created something that was like a huge bouncy sack you could ride around in entirely out of flower petals, and rode it around with the baby having a great time. meanwhile, Firepaw had gone to a dairy queen, in hell. it was pretty much the same as a regular dairy queen, except you could get a sub sandwich with your five dollar meal. it was kind of like a subway/arby's/dairy queen hybrid, actually. also, weirdly, Firepaw was also now me, as in he was now just kind of my dream avatar through which i was in the dream. my real mom was there, too. she never referred to me by name, so i don't know if i was myself or "Firepaw" to her. the cashier there had pale purple skin, clawlike nails, and small demon horns, but she otherwise looked completely human. the whole place was a bit small, and there were no tables but the walls were lined with diner-like red seats. the floor had retro-looking black and white checker tile. i have never actually been inside a dairy queen myself, by the way. i ordered a five dollar meal with a sub, while my mom ordered something like a sloppy joe. when the food was done, i grabbed everything myself and headed over to sit down on a seat at the far end of the store, my mom sitting down with me. i started eating her sloppy joe, and when i opened my box to have some fries and my sub, somehow my sub managed to fall apart on the floor and make a huge mess? my mom was gone, and i realized i just ate her sloppy joe, and there was now a huge mess all over the floor. i started crying right there in the dairy queen in front of everyone, and it was a really awkward and uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. i finished my food and got up, and started asking the cashier - who had left her position and walked over to me - where my mom went. then i guess Firepaw was Firepaw again since he was no longer my viewpoint, but he was still referring to my mom as his own. the cashier put her hand - her other was holding a plate of jell-o, for some reason?? - on his shoulder trying to comfort him, saying something had happened to make her disappear and it would be very hard to bring her back. Firepaw said he'd do anything to find her, and the cashier said gravely that she knew one way to bring them back... she could reverse and reset time to before she disappeared. but she said it was incredibly risky and could lead to side effects like- Firepaw interrupted her and said it didn't matter, as long as his mom came back. the cashier sighed and her eyes started glowing a bright blue that illuminated the whole room, and all of the other customers were gone. the entire dairy queen was bathed in this unearthly blue light. in an ethereal voice she asked Firepaw if he was ready for the potential consequence of time being rewritten to remove him from her life, or from the lives of his friends. in shock, he screamed no, because if he was gone then it wouldn't really be reuniting him with them anyway. on one wall of the dairy queen, a door appeared, and the cashier looked at it in horror, referring to it as a "Lonely Door", a term originating from Floraverse. it got the "demons think it's incredibly dangerous and must never open it" part right, but otherwise I don't think it had any other connection. Firepaw asks what's through the door and the cashier just says not to open it. Firepaw opens it anyway. she begins panicking and trying to physically stop him, but he runs through, closing the door behind him. it vanishes, and the cashier is left alone in the empty dairy queen, dumbstruck. Firepaw finds himself in the long white hallway, with nobody around. he runs down the hallway for a while, eventually reaching the other door. he walks through to find the meadow from earlier, and is in awe of its beauty. Graypaw is there, relaxing with the baby. Ravenpaw is actually not there, but humanized Redtail is?? he wasn't mentioned at any point before in the dream. Firepaw is super happy to see his friend, and asks if Ravenpaw is here too, to which Graypaw says yes. together with the baby, Graypaw, and Redtail, they start travelling through the meadow to find a way back to hellside. eventually, they realize that the meadow has an edge on the outskirts of the town Firepaw was in. apparently somehow, the meadow world merged with hellside, connecting the two and allowing all of the missing people (apparently there were a bunch of them) to return to hellside. everyone celebrated and thanked Firepaw and friends, and that's where that dream ends. things then got a little bit weird and meta. i don't remember if there was a morning sequence or it just started at this scene, but i was explaining the previous dream to my sister as a dream i actually had the "night before". i claimed that the dream was of a roleplay i was having with my sister, although in real life i don't remember it being any such thing. she suggested that we recreate it in minecraft, which i agreed to. we ended up setting up the part in topside with a suspiciously perfect recreation of the church - almost "just pulled it straight from my first dream" perfect. there was a bit of embellishing - we may have swapped the warrior cats characters with ocs, and there was a little bit of forgettable stuff at the beginning to set up before visiting the church and going to hellside. then, i realized in horror that we didn't actually do any setup for hellside and i'd have to build from scratch + we couldn't use the nether because there was a glitch that caused our lan servers to permanently crash if we went there. i told this to my sister and said we'd be better off doing it purely text-based, and while she was really mad that i didn't realize this beforehand, she eventually agreed. but we never got around to it because the dream ended. i don't really get it and it was a bit pointless but i could probably see myself having an emotional breakdown in a dairy queen like that.