Douching nightmare

Date: 11/11/2018

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that I had an opportunity to hookup with these guys. These guys had an interest but I had to douche because they told me to. They had another guy that they wanted to hookup with so I had to hurry up and douche in the bathroom closest to me. There was so much shit that came out of me. I was waiting for the water to go up my hole and it didn't stop coming out. They started to become disinterested in me and I began to be sad.

AI generated interpretation This dream could represent a deep-seated fear about being judged or rejected for something that is out of your control. It could be indicative of a sense of insecurity or inadequacy, as the dream suggests the feeling of being under pressure to meet someone else's standards in order to be accepted. The dream could also be seen as a reflection of the dreamer's internal struggle with how they view themselves and their own self-worth. The feeling of being left behind or unimportant could be a sign that the dreamer is struggling to feel included and accepted by society.