First lucid dream!

Date: 7/31/2019

By thefluffghost

I had a dream that I was in this hall way and I kept saying to myself wow I’m in a dream this is cool and started controlling the room and modifying it then I decided I wanted to add a monster to fight with a sword so I was fighting this cross bread between a bear 🐻 and a buffalo 🐃 we had a epic duel and I killed it and I said hey I wander if I can have sex in this dream and I tried to but I couldn’t create it apparently I lost all my powers to create stuff I still was lucid dreaming but I was going into more of a dream state were I can’t control the dream. I started freaking out cause I couldn’t use my powers anymore and woke up sitting around a bunch of 4th graders listening to my paster talking (I’m in another dream I can’t control) I was super buff and this high schooler cam up behind me and started choking me and bitting me I ripped him off and started to brawl him I threw a couple of punches and missed them he hit me super hard in the face I punched him 2 and he fell to the ground and got up quickly before I could attack again then I jumped on him and got him in a head lock then started choking him I told him tap ducking tap! And he never did so I kept going then decided to stop and threw him on the couch and my pastor said gotta do what you gotta do I showed him were he bit me and he said you defended yourself your not gonna go to jail I went over to the kid and he was still in conscious my mom walked by and asked me why I fought him I told her and the dream ended