Water park / Jeremy Lim

Date: 3/25/2019

By snails

Water park. Trying to walk from Corvallis to Newport but it was summer and hot as fuck. The metro system is confusing as fuck. When I get to the water park there’s a fight in what looks like second point choke on Kings Row but the waterpRk version of the map. Diana and Esmee studying Gabby and Sejahdah studying Me alone, they think I’m cute and have grown up a lot. I feel out of place and uncomfortable in my body. Leaving home in Olympia to drive back to Corvallis. Jeremy says something cute and I say “kiss me on the mouth” he says “no” and tries to usher me out the door because we have a ton of friends over and he’s shy I guess. As he’s pushing me out he loudly says “HAHHA Nooo paprika I’m not kissing you on the mo—“ and as soon as the door shuts he’s kissing me and it’s god damn amazing. He puts his hands on my cheeks very softly and I realize that I’m in love with him. We climb into the back of my car which for some reason is not my car. Super roomy and nice. Aaaand we start fucking. I don’t want to go back to Oregon.