new apartment

Date: 2/4/2017

By pea-p0d

I was looking out of my window when I saw this girl sitting in her deck in her house the entire wall was just a window and she had the entire thing open. Then I realize the people had telekinesis and could move shit with their minds so I tried to take a picture or video but I couldn't get it. I took a picture and the sound was on so the click sound came but this one guy that was there was also taking pictures so they assumed it was from his camera. I tried to make it more realistic by teasing him about taking selfies. Thennn My parents and I were looking for apartments for me and we went to this one house where there was furniture everywhere and shit and I was super excited to revamp the place but turns out another girl lived there and I was only getting one room.i started to clean out the closet because the room was hella messy and it had a giant bed so it made the room feel even smaller. I think I woke up then went back to sleep after this. I had another dream where I was in some store and my parents were working on something so I was just chillin but I was sitting between these two shelfs and I was pretending to have ptsd from war??? This Nepali lady was trying to get me to stop making a scene in her store so I went back to my parents. I sat on my dads lap and complained I was tired and wanted to go home. Then I put makeup on him.and he left. I started drawing something and when i finished I gave it to my mom but I had run out of ink on the marker. This one uncle guy was all like ooh you broke the marker and I was like shh with my finger to my lips. Then I was back in my room in the new apartment and I was going to sleep when I noticed two guys behind one of my windows but it turns out they were cleaners and then prianka Chopra came in and we took photos of her and everyone was from voltron and pidge fell over and a whole stack of wood fell on her.