Can’t find sister/ wires and a cow man

Date: 4/15/2019

By juliacesario

Dream 1: It started off with me having to bring something to Claudia at school. I think it was a DVD but it was unclear. I get on the bus that she usually goes on but walk up and down the aisle and can’t find her. I feel uncomfortable because everyone can see that I am lost. Finally I ask these three girls where she is and they explain to me that she ditched school today. I was irrated that she didn’t tell me before I came all this way. I look to my right and I see a girl who I know had some altercations with Claudia I think she might have hit her before. I remember I said something really snarky to her in my dream but I can’t remember but basically I said my snarky comment and punched her in the face. The bus driver was not to fond of this and pulled over to call the police. I thought that I was going to be in a lot of trouble because I’m not even in high school and here I am on a high school bus punching some teenager. Next thing I know I’m standing in front of the cops and so I call my dad to get me out of it. He was disappointed at first but luckily talked my way out of an arrest. All the cops found him charming and very nice so they let me go. Dream 2: It takes place in my dads old home in the dead of night and I’m in my very old room that’s on the second floor. There are some very unclear parts. Although we were in my old room it looked a lot different, things were moved around and my bed was against the wall where the closet used to be and my bed seemed a lot bigger. It had satin sheets that were a deep lavendar and it accented my comforter which had a royal gold and purple design on it. The people in my dream were unfamiliar there was girl who looked a lot like my best friend Delaney but I don’t think it was her and there was a guy there. The guy had so much camera equipment and other electronics to film a documentary we were working on. I had the window to the far left open all the way and we were sitting on my bed looking out. Outside didn’t look like how it usually did. on the bottom was white concrete. This is when it gets weird. There was a man dressed as a cow down below and he appeared to be milking himself. As we were looking out the window in disgust, the guy in the room fell out with all his equipment. He was completely dead on the concrete with broken legs and pool of blood around him. The girl and I seemed unphased by this event, the only thing the girl was concerned about was the camera equipment because we couldn’t finish our documentary. When we looked down again we noticed the guy dressed as a cow was also dead but he was laying in a stretcher with some wires all around him. The girl and I were both weirded out and when we looked back again we noticed that the camera guy who fell was now also in a stretcher with wires connecting both of them. Now we started to freak out we considered calling the police but the girl was opposed to it. When we looked back down again the cow man was gone but the other guy was still on the stretcher. After about 5 seconds of looking at him the camera guy slithered out of this stretcher like a snake and out of sight. Now we really started to panic. I locked the door, closed the window, and shut all the blinds. We turned off all the lights and hid under the covers. I really wanted to call the police and go wake my dad up but As I got up to go open the door I heard chatter from right outside the door which I assumed to be the two previously dead guys then jumped back in bed, frozen with fear. They knocked on my bedroom door and aggressively twisted the door knob. After this I woke up sweating and breathing heavily.