Cool story, wish it was real

Date: 7/21/2017

By ace200

This dream was like me watching a movie about what I wish my life was like. So there is a pretty girl who looks like Sabrina Carpenter who loves theatre, music, and visual media. She is real good with computers. Her grandma was taking her out to dinner, but actually set her up to show a scholarship college professional what skills she had at this computer place. The girl got freaked out at first but then started video editing and the professional was impressed and gave her her number. The girl's father took her out to eat then out of success at the restaurant she worked at. Two brothers walked in, they were new to the town. They saw her. The older one was dark and mysterious, the younger fun. The mysterious one stared at her while the fun one came over while the dad was gone. She made out with him in like this upstairs room and the older mysterious one got jealous cause he walked in on them. They were actually her new neighbors and they all lived near the beach, but soon found out a tragic accident happened in her family and now the girl and her younger brother will not go in the ocean and the girl has anxiety. There was a weird scene where a room was filled with water and the girl kind of freaked and said she wouldn't go in water because her younger brother almost drowned and the whole town knew about it. At school, the girl says she is just going to take an easy music course to be safe, but her piano teacher yells at her for always playing safe when she has great talent. Her teachers all know she has talent and care about her and want to push her to be her best I woke up too soon to see the end, however I know she gets with the mysterious emo boy, but in real life I don't look like Sabrina carpenter, I have anxiety, no interesting tragic backstory, no guys into me, or talent that anyone knows about in theatre or media. Or friends lol.