Tennis and missed bus

Date: 2/27/2017

By Dreamabetterdream

I was with debs again huh weird and I had my last period wi her and we had the same bus. It was awk being around her and I didn't have much to say to her but we sat together. In another scene I was walking down the sidewalk filled wi students and running toward my bus and this boy, pick, we'll call him hit my butt even though he doesn't see me like that in real life and we don't even really talk. then when I went to my bus the driver was mean and was driving of even though it was _:29 and it was 'supposed to leave at _35'. So it closed its doors and drove off but then school facility stopped it and made it open doors and I got Inez So for some reason I got off at the stop where my old house is and a new friend, wihel, was living at that appartent complex. I asked if he wanted to play tennis and for some reason he always carried around oil and he told me that pick and him talk about that and I told him that pick had slapped my butt. We were walking to some tennis courts with 2 of his tennis rackets and the dream ended.