Date: 6/22/2017

By hansbellmer

Fishing on a little lake, I have the sense it might have been Germany. Not far under the water of the lake there are little metal holes like wide plugholes. These lead down into other little watery areas, perhaps tanks, where there are quite a few catfish swimming around. I figure these are so people fishing on the lake can easily catch one, it’s kindof a stocked pond. Somehow I reach my hand through the plughole and am even able to pick one out. Some how catbeyond from Instagram is there. I end up back at her place, where she’s making a smoothie in her little kitchen. I am holding her, feeling her wonderful lithe waist and the small of her back. Then we are lying in her bed, we are holding each other and I have my fingers between her legs, running my fingers over her. The whole situation is feels familiar, I feel like I know what I’m doing but I’m a little rusty perhaps. She pulls my head down towards her crotch, she wants me to eat her out. But somehow she shrinks, slowly, to something the size of a small troll doll. I can see her lying beside the bed. “Engorgio!” I call over her, using the Harry Potter spell. She grows back to normal size and I resume my job between her legs. She has a single large labia in an arch form, but with a shape like a ruffled Elizabethan collar, sticking out a few centimetres like starched fabric. But it’s wonderful and sweet. I’m enjoying myself so much that she is cumming before I know it. Suddenly she’s ashamed. I don’t think she likes her strange and wonderful labia. She mentions the name of an old boyfriend, Andrew or Matthew maybe, who really liked it. I reassure her I love it too.