Get Me to the Oscars

Date: 8/3/2017

By toxxicduck

The first thing I remember is being in an RPG dungeon that looked like an underground metro, and I was killing rats and mushroom creatures with a sword, and gaining exp. My friend Jordan was with me, but I don't remember much of anything besides killing fantasy critters in a dark tunnel on train tracks. Then, I was in a small airplane with a bunch of people I know, friends and acquaintances, but no one I remember specifically. The airplane seemed to shoot directly up into the sky, and then suddenly we were at our destination. I remember being impressed by how short the plane ride was. I then was in front of the Rose City Event Center for some kind of awards show. Like the Oscars or something. It was sunny outside and I was in front of the entrance, trying to find a way inside because they were only letting celebrities and other VIP in. I don't know how, but I was communicating with friends (text message maybe? Don't remember looking at a phone or anything) who were inside already and telling me to hurry up and meet them. I think it was Amanda sending me mind messages, telling me on the side of the building there was someone letting people in. I went around the building and found a line in front of a door being guarded by a big tough looking Scandinavian blonde woman. It was like waiting for a crowded club or something. I knew since my friends were already in the event center that she must not have very high standards on letting people in. I waited behind people and saw them give the woman crazy elaborate stories, and the blonde woman let them in. I decided to just be totally honest and modest and look confident like I belonged there. I was going to tell her that I am Jordan's bodyguard and need to get inside to protect him (I guess he was a VIP). But as I approached the bouncer chick, my words came out really nervous and timid, even though I didn't feel nervous at all, "I, uh, my bodyguard, I mean, I am a bodyguard! And person, is inside. I need to get to him." Stupid social anxiety. The woman gave me a look and said "Who are you bodyguarding?" And I replied "Jordan Bird." The woman was impressed that I didn't hesitate in giving her a name and that it was real, and she let me in. I walked in and had to go down several narrow hallways. There were random other people walking around in a hurry. The lighting was a weird pale yellow color. I walked past a small table full of cupcakes and became excited for all the fancy delicious foods that will be waiting for me (trying to be vegan irl lately, and having massive meat and junk food cravings! Also lactose intolerant and don't like sweets so cupcakes are never a thing I am interested in eating.) I came to the main area. The inside looked like the CHS cafeteria but the ceiling was WAAAY high and had decorations hanging from it, looking like the mess hall in Harry Potter. The room was narrow-ish and full of people. There was a line of tables through the center, lined up so they seemed like one long table, but they were kind of messed up, uneven, and obviously not one single table. The chairs of the tables were stools that were connected on, like picnic tables. The left side of the room was empty wall, but n the right side was counters for food and foot stands, like at CHS. The walls weren't straight either, but zigzagging along with the tables. The corridor was so vast that I don't remember seeing the other side of it. I remember seeing pizza. There were people working behind the counters and I knew there was supposed to be more food out to just grab, but there was hardly anything, and I was suspecting I got too late to enjoy the best of the food and now it was just the crappy scraps no one wanted. The pizza looked old and squishy and unappetizing. In fact, all the little cafes were dim and seemed gross and unprofessional. Though the hall was full of people, hardly any were sitting at the table. They all seemed far off too. The table had left plates and silverware all over them. I finally found Amanda sitting at the long table. She was crying while eating some food off a paper plate. I haven't actually seen Amanda in like 6 years, so I was pretty excited. I was like "Hey, giiiirl! What's up?! Why are you crying?!" She barely looked at me and told me she was supposed to meet two other friends here who she hadn't seen in a long time. I was hurt that she didn't seem to care about ME being there and was crying over some OTHER stupid girls, but I tried to comfort her, saying she'll probably have other opportunities and she can hang out with the awesome lovable me! Then, I was with more friends. Amanda, Jordan, and a few others I don't remember who could have been anyone. Someone with black hair, so possibly Corey or Nainoa. I think Tyler S was there too. We were in a gift shop that looked like Barnes & Nobles at the mall. It was lit with a pale skin toned light the same as the first hallway was. We were walking through the shop, through clothing racks. There were stands with books on the sides. It looked more like the PSU bookstore. I told someone who was with us that I only have like $80 to spend but it was all in the bank still and needed to find an ATM. I was proud for having even that sparse amount of money (I am super broke irl!). At the ATM I tried to take out my bank card, but try as I might I just ended up taking out random other cards. I looked around and saw I dropped some cards on the floor a bit back. I wound up following a trail of dropped bank and credit cards thinking "man, someone could have taken this and stolen my identity!" I never managed to get any cash from an ATM. Next, I was walking out to this closed off outdoor area. It was nighttime now and I think the event was coming to an end. This outdoor area was strange to describe; I remember it being open and there being half walls of weird angles around. It looked like the end of the first level of the old Doom 95 game. I was still with Amanda I think, and we were leaving, or it could have been the person who stands at my shoulder who I never see in dreams. Mr. Ghost guy. Suddenly we were on the airplane again and it was shooting straight upwards again like a rollercoaster. I felt glad that the plane trip was so fast and easy, which meant I could come to these events every weekend! Then I woke up. I live in the same city as this coliseum so its weird I would think I needed to take a plane there.