Minecraft with Drew, Marc and Gary volume 2, IRL Edition.

Date: 7/19/2017

By drunchee

So I recall having a dream previously where me Mrc and G started building a wooden house in real life, pretending it was Minecraft. In this dream, we finish up the first and second floor. The first floor, we thought, was spacious. But upon going in, I realized it was literally the size of a cupboard. I could go in crawling and go into a ball and then hardly get back out. So we deemed that room a fail. The wood was like a polished oak wood by the way. Remember this is in real life, not minecraft. The second floor is actually okay though. Not huge, but big. You can stand and walk around and such. Cut to later on, Garrett shows me his screen on his tablet, and he has lined TNT all over the minecraft building we were building IRL, so now I guess it was all in minecraft after all. I tell him no, hop onto the server, and try to get rid of the TNT, but I accidentally ignite it. The explosion is huge, and there's a giant crater. The only remenants of our house we worked so hard on was two floating pieces of window and wall. Fuck Garrett.