Murder play

Date: 8/3/2017

By ghost-butt-fluff

I was a younger version of myself and everything was in a faded blue colour. I was about eight in the dream and my mum was in the house holding body parts she severed from my dad. She looked at me with huge red eyes and put her hands on my shoulders roughly, her nails hurt me. She said "don't worry, we'll be alright now. He can't hurt us anymore" it was weird because my dad never hurt me. She buried him in the basement of our house, basically it was a metal door and when you open it the ground is dirt and the roof is floor boards. She put his body there and left, the next day she was completely fine as if nothing happen. Then, missing my dad, I went to his grave where we kept him and I used his severed hand as a puppet pretending it was talking to me.