Mirror of Lies

Date: 3/20/2019

By AisDareth

I had a dream I was reading the Princess Bride book and there was a lot they didn't put into the movie. Buttercup tried to kill herself much earlier than in the movie, as soon as she arrived at the castle. The dagger looked like a broken mantis claw except dagger sized, and glowed blue and had these ornate carved decorations. It was also poisonous! I forget how but somehow she failed, so she went running through the castle for some reason so she could escape. She got to the servants area and one guy was like "wow you run well for being in a big dress!" And she was like "You know when you push a cart fast and you can stand up on it and glide along? It's like that." And the guy was like ???? He went with her out a door to a little courtyard where they found a MAGIC MIRROR half buried in the dirt. So she asked it "IS WESTLEY COMING FOR ME?" and it said "HE FOUGHT WITH THE KING AND IT WAS A NOBLE FIGHT BUT HE PERISHED." and she ran off crying. BUT the camera zoomed in on the border of the mirror which was covered in underbrush and it said MIRROR OF LIES. Humperdinck found her and was like WHAT IS THIS KNIFE and she was like BAWW I DON'T CARE so he caught the servant guy and forced him to retell the events. Humperdinck went to the mirror and was like WAS SHE TRYING TO ESCAPE and the mirror was like NO BUT HERE'S A MISLEADING PIECE OF INFO I forgot what it was specifically. And basically everyone thought it was a mirror of prophecies since Humperdinck knew Westley was still alive.