Boyfriend sexually assaulted me

Date: 4/21/2017

By jaimefok

So first of all, I'd like to mention that my boyfriend is actually a wonderful person and would not do this to me. I've had rape on my mind a lot, since I've started to work on a video project about sexual assault. And then my boyfriend is just always on my mind... so I guess my dream self just decided to connect these two. So in this dream, all seemed normal. Except for some reason I lived in a hotel room that was more like a resort with about 15 other girls. We decided to go out one night, and my boyfriend joined. While we were out, my boyfriend took me into this back staircase, where he started kissing me and had his hands all over me, tugging at my clothes. I did not want to do it right there and got this uneasy feeling about the situation, and told him to stop, I wanted to go back to my friends. He wouldn't listen and kept going at me, more continuously more aggressively. Eventually, I managed to slip away, and got a cab to go home, which he followed me to. When at my place, I told him to go home, he couldn't come inside with me. He seemed genuinely SHOCKED. the cab driver somehow got the gist of what was happening and backed me up. Telling him he'd give him a ride home. I woke up VERY angry and scared.