Clone Domboo

Date: 1/17/2017

By Robert.

I was talking to...Well me! Yet my 1st clone or 2 was saying 8 was a nerd so I had to ask 3 .The logical one. so he said "well at lunch he does draw a universe is a bottle so in my conclusion yes." so I ask 4 and he told 5 to see about it but 5 slap a pie on 4 and 4 Sat there and cried so I ask 7 and he said "Well I am a squirrel so I have no idea." and he was a turtle all of a sudden so I was like -DUH I might be dreaming...No way I'm too awesome.- so I tell 8 that 2 thinks he's a nerd and he ask me "Were is my peanut butter?"