Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 3/26/2017

By smylx

So prior to this dream I was watching the Walking Dead hence why I had a dream on zombies. So I was part of this group and we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. We were stuck in this old farmhouse for a few days now and were running low on supplies. On an attempt to leave the farmhouse we ended up being overrun by zombies. I was running with my spiked baseball bat bashing all the zombies in their face. We managed to escape. For some reason we ended up at my school looking for supplies. I would run down the corridor with a zombie running in my opposite direction as I held my hand out and let the bat hit it straight it in the face. Once we had cleared the place out we decided to leave by the front entrance. I opened the door and out on the grass was a field of children and Ms Holtwick (my german teacher) was sitting there aswell with 007 shades and the sun glowing behind her. A boy in the far side was wearing Coras backpack and Cora really wanted it back but I told her no. We didnt have time and it would be too dangerous. Cora was reluctant and decided to go out. All the children turned their heads and begin to run for us. I remember sprinting up the stairs.