an actual movie

Date: 4/8/2019

By ninab

so my dream last night was so long i feel like it was an actual movie lmao. but i’ll sum it up. so i was at school and i was on the cheer team. we had practice during a period at school and one day i skipped that class to go to my friends house. the next day i came back and the whole cheer team was performing at lunch with the football team and i had no idea what to do since i wasn’t there the previous day and that’s when they learned the steps. i was really upset and my coach didn’t care. i went back outside and in the courtyard of my school there was this table where you can sign up to sky dive for only $50. i was like why the heck not. so i did and all i remember is jumping out of the plane and my parachute not opening and then i started freaking out until i was almost to the ground then i woke up. i feel like there was a lot more but it was just weird & random so i hope you enjoyed