Avión llevándonos a un lugar extra hermoso, aunque al principio el vuelo estaba un poquito difícil. Creo tio Dickson estaba ahí

Date: 9/9/2021

By janyrivas

One dream was that i was on a plane with others (not sure if they were family members). I think tio Dickson was the one flying it? I felt when the plane took off and i had my eyes a little close. Then i opened them and we were still trying to go up, but the area we were at had a lot of trees with long branches, it seemed, así que había que esquivar mucho. Algunos en el avión estaban como concerned, but it seems I was just enjoying the beauty of it, and I guess I felt we would be able to go through that area. When we did, all of us were in awe. It was a gorgeous things. There were so many colors. It was as if we were in space. A colorful space.